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Unable to start the Virtual Machine "Ntldr file is missing"

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


I cannot start the Virtual Machine: "Ntldr file is missing".


"Ntldr" is a system file of Windows OS. The most common reason for this error is when your virtual machine is trying to boot from a non-bootable source. In other words if the partition boot sector has become corrupt or isn't properly configured, you may receive the "NTLDR is Missing" error.

The corruption of boot sector can be caused by the hard reboot of your Mac while the virtual machine has been started.


Please perform the following:

NOTE: you will need an installation media (CD/DVD) for Windows OS

  1. Create the new virtual machine and install Windows 7 OS:
  2. Start the virtual machine and install Parallels Tools (Virtual machine > Install Parallels Tools)
  3. Shut down the virtual machine, go to Virtual machine > Configure > Hardware and click '+'
  4. Add Hard Disk of existing virtual machine
  5. Start the virtual machine
  6. Download TestDisk application
  7. Start Test Disk application
  8. Create new log file

    Your text to link here...

  9. Choose the disk partition that has been connected

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  10. Choose the type of partition (e.g. Intel)

    Your text to link here...

  11. Analyze the partition

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  12. Choose 'Quick search'

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  13. Choose 'Write' to write the boot sector of partition

  14. Quit Test Disk

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  15. Restart virtual machine

  16. Shut down virtual machine
  17. Disconnect Hard Disk that has been added (Virtual Machine > Configure > Hardware > choose Hard Disk 2 and click on '-'
  18. Start your virtual machine and install Parallels Tools

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