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How do I purchase Parallels Access?

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I need assistance with purchase of a Parallels Access subscription.


Parallels Access can be purchased through your mobile device or from a Parallels account. Find a solution depending on the device you are using.

Purchase from an iOS based device

When you start Parallels Access on your iPad or iPhone, you will see a screen with computers you access with the help of the application and a Buy Subscription button. Click on the Buy Subscription button to start a purchase process

on iPad:

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or on iPhone:


Note: an active subscription cannot be canceled or reimbursed. Partial refunds are not permitted.

If you have questions about purchase of your Parallels Access subscription from the App Store, please contact Mac App Store Customer Service directly:

Parallels is unable to process any requests for direct purchases or refunds for an application purchased through the Apple App Store.

Purchase from an Android based device

When you start Parallels Access on your Android based device, you will see a Buy Subscription button.


When you click on it, you will see a new window which will allow to either proceed with the purchase process by clicking Buy subscription or interrupt it by clicking Done.


If you click on Buy subscription, you will be redirected to the Parallels Access page of your Parallels account. Then the purchase process is the same as if you purchased the subscription from your computer.

Please see the next point for further instructions on the purchase from My Account page.

Purchase available from any device

You can purchase a Parallels Access subscription from the Parallels Access page of a Parallels account, using any device, for example PC or a Mac. As a subscription is assigned to an account, it is required that you make the purchase from the account you use for Parallels Access.

Log in to your Parallels account at and go to Parallels Access > My Computers.

If there is no active subscription tied to the account, you will see a Buy Subscription button on the right, click on it to start a purchase process:


You will be redirected to the shopping cart, where you should select whether you would like to buy a subscription for 1 or 2 years. Proceed to the next page, fill in your contact information and allow some time for the order to be processed.

If you have questions about processing of your Parallels Online Store order, you can contact Cleverbridge, the order processing partner of Parallels.


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