Connection options in Parallels Access

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Parallels Access provides two main connection options when connecting to a remote computer:

  1. The default connection option.

    Parallels Access connects to a remote computer using a secure encrypted connection. To establish the connection you need to log in to your Parallels Account from both the Parallels Access app on a mobile device and Parallels Access Agent on your computer.

  2. Additional connection option.

    If you would like to provide an additional level of security when connecting to your computer, you may set up the Parallels Access Agent to require entering your computer user name and password.

    To enable this feature you need to:

    • Click on Parallels Access Agent tray icon 

      • on a Mac:

      • on a PC:

    • Click on Settings -> select Ask for my macOS user name and password as well (for a Mac) or Ask for my Windows user name and password as well (for a PC) radio button.

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