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How to install Parallels Desktop 8 or 9 on a different drive

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac Standard Edition


I want to install Parallels Desktop  to a non-default drive or folder on the same drive (other than /Applications) but Parallels Desktop  installer does not provide an option to choose a destination drive or folder to install to. 
Instead it always gets installed into a default /Applications folder on the main hard drive (Macintosh HD).


NOTE: Moving Parallels Desktop to another location (external drive or non-default folder on the same Mac) does not automatically move your Virtual Machine to that new location. To know more about how to move your Virtual machine to another Mac or  external drive please check KB #114118

Please follow the steps below to install Parallels Desktop  into a drive or folder other than the default /Applications folder:

1. Install Parallels Desktop  using the following Knowledge base article #114623 (Parallels Desktop 8) or #116989 (Parallels Desktop 9)
As result Parallels Desktop  will be installed into /Applications folder

2. Open Finder and go to Applications folder

3. Locate Parallels package

4. Move Parallels package to a desired location (another drive or a different folder on the same drive).
To move Parallels package you may use one of two ways:

a) Click on Parallels package, press CMD key and move the mouse to a desired location. Release the mouse and CMD key. 

b) Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/  and run the following command:
mv /Applications/Parallels\ /new_location

mv /Applications/Parallels\ /Volumes/New_drive

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