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Hibernation message on Windows 8 virtual machine conversion

  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac Standard Edition


During Windows 8 virtual machine conversion from another virtualization solutions to Parallels Desktop, you receive the following error message:

"The guest operating system of this virtual machine is hibernated. Do you want to convert it anyway?"
"If you click Yes, all unsaved data may be lost in the resulting virtual machine. To avoid possible data loss, fully shut down this virtual machine and try again."


The possible reasons are:
  1. You have "fast startup" option enabled in your Windows 8 virtual machine.
  2. You have shut down your virtual machine using Hibernate option before converting it.


1. If you shut down the virtual machine with Hibernation option or have have "fast startup" option enabled, please cancel the conversion and boot virtual machine using the source virtualizaton solution.
  • Open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and perform Windows 8 virtual machine full shutdown using the command below:
shutdown /s /t 0 

  • Retry conversion.
2. If you have fast startup feature enabled, you might want to disable it. Please cancel conversion, boot virtual machine using the source virtualization solution and follow steps described here in order to disable fast startup feature.

NOTE: you might click Yes in the dialog described in the Symptoms, however you might loose the data stored on your new converted virtual machine (data in source virtual machine won't be affected).

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