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No connection to Parallels SCCM proxy: troubleshooting relative issues

  • Parallels Mac Management


On the Mac side: 

  1. Unable to download pma_agent.dmg 

  2. Parallels Mac Management Agent for Mac was successfully installed and registered, but can't download policies from SCCM Proxy and the following record appears in /Library/Logs/pma_agent.log: 

MM-DD F /pma_agent:XXX:XXXXPolicyAgent: connect failed, ec = 61 (Connection refused) 

On the SCCM side: 

  1. Parallels Discovery Properties dialog says Unable to connect to the remote server after clicking Start now button. 

  2. Problem Monitor changes icon and says PMM Problem Monitor has failed to establish connection to SCCM Proxy.


Server SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY is not available


Check, that SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY is available via network connection.

If the issue still persists

                  1. Server is available, but Parallels SCCM Proxy might be not installed; 

  • Make sure Parallels SCCM Proxy is installed. 
  • If not, install and configure Parallels SCCM Proxy. 

        2. Server is available, Parallels SCCM Proxy is installed, but Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service isn't started; 

  • Check, that service Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is running: 
  • Open Services (Click Start->Administrative Tools->Services)
  • Find Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service. 
  • Check if status is Running. 
a. Status is empty: check if Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is configured 
b. Status is Running: check the next point below. 

      3. Server is available, Parallels SCCM Proxy is installed, Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service is started, but Firewall is enabled

  • See the chapter Configure Windows Firewall in the Parallels Mac Management for SCCM Administrator's Guide to configure Firewall



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