How to make a Virtual Machine start automatically when login to Mac account

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Parallels Desktop starts automatically when Mac starts


Settings in the Virtual Machine Configuration needs to be set to start/not start Parallels Desktop automatically.


I. In order to make your Parallels Desktop application start on login to your Mac account please perform the following instructions:

Open Apple logo > then go to System Preferences... > choose Users & Groups > highlight your user account > go to Login Items tab > hit "+" sign > choose Macintosh HD/Applications/Parallels > hit Add.

II. In order to make your virtual machine start when Parallels Desktop starts please perform the following instructions:

Start virtual machine in question > on the top of your Mac screen go to Virtual Machine menu > choose Configure... > open Options tab > highlight Start and Shutdown > change Start Automatically field to When Parallels Desktop starts.


Next time you login into your Mac account your Parallels Desktop application and virtual machine will start automatically.

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