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[FIX] Custom permissions on subfolders in httpdocs get reset to default

  • Plesk 7.5 for Windows


Custom permissions on a Plesk domain can be reset by Plesk to default in the following cases:

1. When Plesk reconfigurator is used. It resets all the custom permission to defaults when one of the following conditions are carried out:   a) Custom permissions set does not contain default Plesk permissions sub set.

   b) Custom permissions are set on top level folder (such as httpsdocs, cgi-bin, statistics and etc.)

2. When Microsoft FrontPage support is enabled on a domain. FrontPage can reset permissions in the following cases:

   a) When Plesk installs MS FrontPage on domain it calls standard MS FrontPage utility owsadm.exe. This utility resets permissions on all files and folders located in httpsdocs .

More information about this tool can be found in the following articles:

   b) When  "Check server health" is launched on Site Administration page for FrontPage Server Extensions. In this case owsadm.exe also resets permissions.

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