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"Failed to open the Parallels networking module" error message

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


At the Parallels virtual machine start the following message appears and prevents the VM from connecting to the Internet:

Failed to open the Parallels networking module.


Permission issue on the Mac side. 


Please go to Applications ► Utilities ► Disk Utility and perform "Repair Disk Permissions" operation. 

If the issue still persists, please apply this solution:

1) Shut down all running Virtual Machines
2) Start Applications
► Utilities  Terminal
3) Execute the next four commands one by one (it will ask for your password. Please enter it. Note: typing will not be visible).

NOTE: It is recommended to just copy and paste these commands into the Terminal in order to avoid typing errors:

sudo launchctl stop com.parallels.desktop.launchdaemon
sudo chown -R root:wheel "/Library/Parallels/Parallels"
sudo chmod -R 755 "/Library/Parallels/Parallels"
sudo launchctl start com.parallels.desktop.launchdaemon

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