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Distorted (pixelated) Virtual Machine display

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


Some windows of the virtual machine are distorted (pixelated).


There might be a problem with Video Adapter installation or driver conflict.


Step 1 

1. Update your Parallels Desktop to the latest build. Please refer to the KB 111603 for more information.
2. If you are using Parallels Desktop 6 install the latest build that is available from KB 5802.

Follow the Step 2 if the issue persist.

Step 2

1. Insert the Bootflag in Virtual Machine menu -> Configure -> Hardware -> Boot Order, refer to KB 111767 for more information. 

If the issue persist follow the Step 3.

Step 3

1. Uninstalled and reinstalled Parallels Tools from Control Panel. Refer to KB 8969 for more information.

If the issue persist follow the Step 4.

Step 4

1. Uninstall Parallel Desktop completely by using the steps mentioned in the KB 112189.

2. Reinstall Parallels Desktop application.

NOTE: In case none of the solution above helped please contact Parallels Technical Support.

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