Unable to use CD/DVD ROM in Windows virtual machine

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You are not able to use CD/DVD ROM in Windows virtual machine.


There may be several reasons for this issue:


  1. Check the device's presence.

    1.1. Start Parallels Desktop and do not start the virtual machine.

    1.2. Right-click Parallels Desktop icon in the Dock and open Virtual Machines list -> right-click on the virtual machine you need to modify.

    1.3. Click on Configure -> go to Hardware tab and select CD/DVD 1 in the sidebar.


    1.4. If this device is absent, you can add it to Virtual Machine Configuration by clicking on the "+" and select CD/DVD.


    1.5. Enable the Connected option if you want the CD/DVD 1 drive to be automatically connected to the virtual machine on its startup.

    1.6. To emulate the virtual CD/DVD drive, you can connect one of the real CD/DVD drives on your physical computer or a CD/DVD image file to the virtual machine.

    1.7. Start the virtual machine and check if CD/DVD works in VM.

  2. Check the driver status.

    2.1. Start Windows virtual machine, in Start menu search bar type devmgmt.msc and push Enter/ Return key.

    2.2. On the right pane click on [+] under CD/ DVD-ROM drivers, check if there is any yellow exclamation mark.


    2.3. Right click on the device that has the yellow sign and click Uninstall drivers.

    2.4. On the top menu right click on device and click on Scan for Hardware changes.

    2.5. Restart the virtual machine and check if CD/DVD-ROM works in VM.

    NOTE: You may try to use Microsoft Fix IT utility: Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs.

  3. Try to re-add CD/DVD section in Configuration menu.

    3.1. Shut down the virtual machine and do not quit Parallels Desktop application.

    3.2. Go to Configure -> Hardware tab and select CD/DVD 1 in the sidebar. Click on the [-] sign below.

    3.3. Add the device back as it is described above in section 1.

    3.4. Start Windows virtual machine and check if the device works fine.

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