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Application in Mac OS virtual machine does not work properly or cannot be started. 3D acceleration support in Mac OS X virtual machines

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


Some application in Mac OS guest operating system in virtual machine does not work properly or cannot be started.

For example, working with any of iWork applications you cannot see the page content, which disappears after a few seconds from starting an application.


Parallels Desktop does not support 2D or 3D acceleration in Mac OS guest operating systems (installed inside the virtual machine).

In Lion Mac OS there is a software emulation of 2D/3D acceleration officially supported by Apple.

Things to try

In case some application does not work with Mac OS software 2D/3D emulation, you may perform the steps described below in order to clarify the origins of the issue:

  1. Install the same application to your Host Mac OS computer.
  2. Restart the Host Mac OS in the Safe Mode.
  3. Start the application in the Safe Mode and check the performance.

In case you can see the same issue in the Safe Mode - it is a reason to contact Apple Technical Support.

In case in Safe Mode issue disappears, contact Parallels technical Support.

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