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Creating a Lion virtual machine using "Install"

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


The below instructions will allow you to create a virtual machine with Mac OS X Lion inside. To proceed you need to have the latest build () of Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac installed and the "Install" application downloaded from the Web.

Note: It is not even necessary to have Lion as a host OS now.


1. Start Parallels Desktop application;

2. Run Parallels Wizard for creating a new virtual machine (File -> New...)

3. Double click on "Install Windows or another OS from DVD or image file" icon:

4. You will be placed on New Installation page. In 'Install from:' field select"Choose an image file..." and browse to the 'Install Mac OS X' file. Click Open. Then click Continue.

Note: If the 'Install Mac OS X' file is grayed out at this step, it means it's corrupted and you need to obtain a valid copy of it

5. Specify the new virtual machine name and click Continue to create the VM with default settings;

6. Select your Language, choose to "Reinstall Mac OS X" and click Continue;

7. Follow the rest of the Mac OS installation wizard to complete OS X Lion installation.

Additional information

Note: Path to 'Install Mac OS X' can be selected in Paralles Wizard on 'New Installation' page in 'Install from:' field ONLY. You cannot browse to the 'Install Mac OS X' neither from Configuration Editor called via 'Customize' check-box in Parallels Wizard, nor via Configuration Editor for existing VM.

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