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What gestures do I use to control my VM/Mac image through Parallels Mobile app?

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


For detailed information on gestures used in Parallels Mobile please refer to the Parallels Web site.

Brief overview:
* Mouse click: One finger tap
* Double click: One finger double tap
* Right click: One finger tap and hold
* Pan the VM/host image when it is zoomed in: One finger swipe (the toolbar switch must be OFF)
* Mouse select: One finger drag over objects inside VM/host (the toolbar switch must be ON)
* Scroll mouse up/down, left/righ inside VM/host: Two fingers swipe up/down, left/right 
(scrolling left/right is not supported for Linux VMs)
* Zoom VM/host image in/out: Pinch in/out
* Show/hide menu: Three fingers tap
* Show/hide keyboard: Two fingers tap

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