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Parallels Mobile Error: Unable to connect to Parallels Account Server

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Standard Edition


When I go to Parallels Desktop > Preferences > Mobile and try to log in to my Parallels account, I get the following error:

Unable to connect to Parallels Account Server


There may be various causes, please try to resolve the issue by following the steps below.


  1. Check if your Internet connection is working;
  2. Check the Parallels Mobile server URL. To do so, read the <ProxyManagerURL> parameter in the /Library/Preferences/Parallels/dispatcher.desktop.xml file. It must be set to
  3. Make sure you use valid login credentials (email and password). They must be the same that were used for registering Parallels Desktop. Try using "Forgot password?" link in the Parallels Desktop > Preferences > Mobile dialog to regain access to your Parallels Account;
  4. Make sure your account actually exists by logging in to it on Parallels site;
  5. Check if any firewall (standard Mac OS X firewall or a third party firewall software) is blocking the Parallels Desktop application;
  6. Make sure you have direct access to the Internet (that is not via HTTP proxy). Parallels Mobile app uses a protocol that differs considerably from HTTP, that is why it cannot work via HTTP proxy.

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