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Cannot download Parallels Desktop 7

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


I cannot download Parallels Desktop 7. The download either hangs or fails resulting in a corrupted installation image.

Even if I manage to download it, it does not get mounted to my desktop.


The download process gets interrupted because of an unstable Internet connection.


In order to obtain the latest build in case if you have unstable connection please go to our web site:

Click on the 'Download now' link in the 'Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Downloads' section:

An email with a temporary download link will be sent to you. Just open your mailbox and click on that link to download the latest build.

Alternatively you can use a direct download link in KB 5802


In case the above solution does not work for you, you can follow the instructions below which are an example of third party downloader usage.

Note: Parallels is not responsible for the correct functioning of the Folx Downloader application. Suggesting to use this application is just another way to download any file from the Internet. If you have any issues related to Folx, please address them to its authors.

1. Download and install the free app Folx Downloader

2. Right-click on the link sent to you after following the "Resolution" part above and choose Copy Link or Copy Link Location (depending on the internet browser or email client you use):

3. Launch Folx and press the   sign.
    The download link will be added to Folx automatically.

4. Press   button

5. The download should start:

6. Once the download is complete, double click on Parallels Desktop in the Folx screen to launch the Parallels Desktop 7 installation process:

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