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Virtual Printing in Parallels Desktop 7

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 7, I discovered that my Windows virtual machine uses the same printer as Mac OS X::


Parallels Desktop 7 features Virtual Printing, which enables you to use all your Mac printers with Windows, without any additional configuration.


Virtual Printing has the following features:
  • All printers available to Mac OS X are available to Windows
  • Any printer has the same name in Windows as it does in Mac OS X
  • The Mac OS X default printer is automatically set as the Windows printer
  • Printers are configured as USB devices in Windows
  • Printers deleted from a Windows 7 virtual machine are re-added the next time Windows is restarted
To learn how to re-add a deleted printer in Windows Vista or earlier, see the following Knowledge Base article here:

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