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Using virtual machine and accessing shared users' documents

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If you need access to shared documents from within Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine, please enable Shared Profile in Parallels Desktop Configuration: click on Virtual Machine --> Configure --> Options --> Sharing and put a checkmark on Shared Profile. Make sure there's a checkmark on On field and permissions are set to "read&write".

Also click on Custom Folders, press the plus sign and specify the path to /Users/Shared/Parallels Migrated Documents. Name this folder as Public.

From now on, shared documents which were transported to Mac will be accessible in the virtual machine via shared "Public" folder. It can be found inside "parallels shared folders" folder shortcut on desktop, or in Windows Explorer by entering path \\.psf\Public.

You can find more information about accessing files from the virtual machine at page 156 of Parallels Desktop User's Guide, under "Viewing Shared Folders in Windows Guest OS" paragraph or in this article:

111222 Using virtual machine and accessing users' documents


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