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Using virtual machine and accessing users' documents

  • Parallels Transporter for App Store


Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine is automatically created when migrating PC to mac with Parallels Transporter for App Store. In order to use your virtual machine, please download and purchase Parallels Desktop for Mac.

If you need every Mac user account to be able to access this virtual machine, you need to tune shared access. Please, check this article for more information.

When starting the virtual machine for the first time from each Mac user account, Shared Profile feature will be automatically enabled and every user will see his Mac files in standard Windows folders.

If you previously sorted the files via Terminal, these documents are located in "/Users/<user_name>/Parallels Migrated Documents", where <user_name> is the actual user account name.
They are also available from Windows Virtual Machine side.

If you prefer the migrated documents to be located in standard Windows folders, you need to copy them to standard Mac folders on your account:

Parallels Migrated Documents/Desktop --> Desktop
Parallels Migrated Documents/Downloads --> Downloads
Parallels Migrated Documents/Documents --> Documents
Parallels Migrated Documents/Music --> Music
Parallels Migrated Documents/Movies --> Movies
Parallels Migrated Documents/Pictures --> Pictures


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