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Migrating documents of multiple user accounts

  • Parallels Transporter for App Store


In case you have several user accounts on Windows PC, you can use Parallels Transporter for App store to migrate all users' documents. If you chose this option during migration process, all the users' documents will be transferred to the current user directory according to the following items:
  • Current Windows user's folders (Desktop/Documents/Download/My Music/My Pitcures/My Videos) will be transferred to corresponded folders on the Mac side. For example, My Documents folder on Windows will be migrated to Documents on Mac.
  • The other users' folders and documents will be transferred to Documents/Parallels Migrated Documents folder on current user account. A separate directory will be created for each user inside Parallels Migrated Documents. Common documents will be placed to this folder as well.
As a result, all the documents from PC are available to current Mac user after migration.

If you need to sort users' documents by owner account names, please follow these steps (you need to have administrative rights to be able to do it):

1. Create correspondent user account on Mac (as you had on PC) besides of the user name you ran migration from. We recommend to make the same user account names for each account.
Sample: you have user accounts names Bob, Mary and Charley on PC. You need to create the same Bob, Mary and Charley user accounts on the Mac side.

2. Copy each PC user's documents to Home folder of correspondent account on Mac. Use your real account names instead of mac_user and win_user (we recommend to keep them identical).
    a. Go to Applications --> Utilities and launch Terminal
    b. Go to the current user Home folder using this command:
cd $HOME

    c. Copy the user's documents using this command:
sudo cp -irp Documents/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents/win_user/ /Users/mac_user/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents

    d. Set correct system rights for the documents:
sudo chown  -R mac_user:`id -gn mac_user` /Users/mac_user/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents

    e. If you need to free up some space on the current Mac user account, you can clear the copied documents with this command:
rm -r Documents/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents/win_user

NOTE: When running any command which starts with sudo, it will require to enter Mac account password. You will not see any symbols when entering it. Just type it in and press Enter (Return).

3. In case you had some shared documents on PC, you can move them to Shared folder on the Mac side:
cp -irp Documents/Parallels Migrated Documents/Public /Users/Shared/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents
(for Windows Vista/7)


cp -irp Documents/Parallels Migrated Documents/All\ Users /Users/Shared/Parallels\ Migrated\ Documents
(for Windows XP)

After performing these commands every user on Mac will have access to his/her documents which were previously used on PC. These documents are located in /Users/<user_name>/Parallels Migrated Documents, where <user_name> is the actual user account name.
Shared documents can be accessed from /Users/Shared/Parallels Migrated Documents.

Please also check this article to know more about accessing your documents from Parallels Desktop for Mac Virtual Machine.


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