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How do I configure VZVPN which allows SWsoft support to login to my server?


First of all, you should request a Virtuozzo VPN certificate using the following web form:

After the certificate is received the following steps should be done for configuring VZVPN:

# key-install license.vzvpn

(replace license.vzvpn with the actual filename) will install your certificate;

# start

This command will set up network interface tap0 which will be used by
the support team to connect to your server. When the job is done, use

# stop

to close the tunnel. OpenVPN uses port 80 for communication, so, please,
make sure this port is open and configure proxy in /etc/vzvpn/vzvpn.conf if needed. You can also use port 443. It can be configured in the same configuration file.

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