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VPS backup task fails: “-1 : Failed to backup partition"


VPS backup task in POA fails with the following diagnostics:
-1 : Failed to backup partition
Acronis Error: Module=7 Code=4, "Write error"{=0}, Tag=0
Acronis Error: Module=4 Code=11, "Specified file does not exist."{function="OpenFileW"}, Tag=f35f747b3b21f823
Acronis Error: Module=0 Code=fff0, "……"{code=ffffffff80070002}, Tag=bd28fdbd64edb816


Generic error  message about incompatible versions of VZAgent for backup creation operations.

The cause of the issue is incompatibility of Virtuozzo Agent 4.0 (provided by Parallels Infrastructure Manager, PIM 4.0) with Virtuozzo Agent 4.6 (provided by Parallels Virtual Automation, PVA 4.5/4.6). The problem occurs if Virtuozzo server with PIM 4.0 is trying to backup a container to the node with PVA.


Configure provisioning attributes for POA resources to backup containers on PVC servers with PIM 4.0 to backup servers with the same PIM 4.0.

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