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VPS task fails: "Connection to VZAgent was closed: recv - 0"


VPS task fails in POA with the following diagnostics:
Connection to VZAgent was closed: recv - 0


Generally, this means that the TCP connection to Virtuozzo Agent to the node was closed unexpectedly, on the system level.
Possible reasons for this to happen are:
1) VZAgent service on PVC server was restarted or stopped during task processing in POA;
2) PVC server is responding very slow and POA drops connection to VZAgent after 90 seconds of waiting for XML greeting.


1. Check status of VZAgent service on PVC server, make sure it is up and running and resubmit failed task in POA.
2. Try to open the connection to VZAgent from POA core and estimate the time necessary to receive the greeting using one of the commands:


# telnet TARGET_SERVER 4433
# openssl s_client -connect TARGET_SERVER:4434 -cipher ADH-AES256-SHA

If it takes more than 90 seconds, this error is likely to occur.
Propose to lessen the load on this PVC server.

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