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How to upgrade Parallels Desktop virtual machine to Parallels Desktop 5?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


After you have installed Parallels Desktop 5 on your Mac and started virtual machine, your are prompted to upgrade the virtual machine created in the previous version.

The Upgrading procedure starts and runs automatically. During the upgrade, the virtual machine configuration and Parallels Tools are processed. The virtual machine can be used in Parallels Desktop 5 only after it is upgraded.

Parallels Desktop 5 and Parallels Desktop 4 use a format of virtual machines that differs from the Parallels Desktop 3.0 format. When you start a virtual machine created in Parallels Desktop 3, you will be asked to convert it to the new format. When prompted to convert the virtual machine to the new format, choose one of the following:
  • Click Backup & Convert to backed up the virtual machine and then convert it to the new format. If you need to start this virtual machine in Parallels Desktop 3, you will be able to restore it from the backup.
  • Click Convert to convert your virtual machine without backing it up. The results of conversion cannot be reverted. If you choose this option, you will not be able to convert the virtual machine back to the old format.

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