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How to integrate (slipstream) Windows XP Service Pack 3 in installation CD.

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Sometimes you need to perform Windows installation with the latest Service Pack, or to perform Windows repair with the Service Pack level matching currently installed in Windows.

Please note, that performing Windows repair without matching Service Pack on CD can lead to either broken Windows installation, or to wrong functionality of the software installed after Service Pack upgrade in Windows.


- Windows XP Service Pack 3 is cumulative, it can be installed top of Windows XP SP1 or SP2
- Windows XP Service Pack 3 can be integrated into Windows XP CD with either SP1 or SP2

For information how to integrate Windows XP Service Pack 2 in installation CD please refer to these articles in Microsoft KB:

Note: Service Pack 2 can be integrated into either original Windows XP installation CD, or in Windows XP SP1 installation CD.


- Windows XP CD with integrated Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2. Note, that most of boxed versions of Windows XP purchased in last 2 years come with either Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 already integrated.

- Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation package from

- Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista) installed on computer, or in virtual machine

- CD-DVD writer on Windows computer

- CD-DVD burning software like:
ISO Buster from
Nero 8 Trial from


1. Open My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options.

In the 'Folder Options' dialog click 'View' tab and do the following:
- check the option "Show hidden files and folders"
- clear the option "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" (click 'Yes' when warning dialog appears)
- click 'OK' to close the 'Folder Options' dialog.

2. Insert your Windows XP with SP1 or SP2 Installation CD into CD/DVD drive. Close any window which appear.

3. In 'My Computer' on disk C: create folders C:\XPSP3 and C:\SP3.

4. Copy content of Windows XP with SP1 or SP2 Installation CD to C:\XPSP3.

5. We assume that you downloaded Windows XP Service Pack 3 to C:\SP3\WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe

6. In Windows XP click Start -> Run, type in 'cmd', click OK

7. In command line window run the following commands (click 'Enter' in the end of each command):
cd \SP3
windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe -x:c:\SP3

8. An 'Extracting Files' dialog will show progress and 'Extraction Complete ' dialog will appear once process is finished. Click OK.

9. In the folder C:\SP3 you will see a new folder called i386 which contains the extracted files.

10. In command line window run the following commands (click 'Enter' in the end of each command):
cd \SP3\i386
cd update
update.exe /integrate:c:\XPSP3

11. The 'Software Installation Wizard' will show integration process progress, once it is finished you will see Service Pack 3 setup dialog box, click OK.

12. Download ISOBUster. After you download and install ISOBuster, choose to use only free functionality of this product.

13. Launch ISOBuster, while Windows XP Installation CD is in CD/DVD drive.

14. You will see something like in the picture below:


15. Make sure you have selected the node named 'Bootable CD' in the left-side tree view. You should see a file called Microsoft Corporation.img in the right side of ISOBuster. This is the file you need to extract. To do so, right-click on it and choose 'Extract Microsoft Corporation.img'. When ISOBuster prompts you, choose to download it to the root of your C: drive. Now you can close ISOBuster.

16. Start 'Nero Burning ROM' and click OK in the 'Welcome' dialog. Nero Burning ROM will start with a 'New Compilation' window open. Select CD-ROM (Boot) in the left panel.

17. Then, in the source section, make sure the option 'Image file' is selected and then click the 'Browse' button. Navigate to C:\ and then in the drop down list which currently is set to 'Boot-Image-Files (*IMA)' choose 'All Files (*.*)'. Select the file Microsoft Corporation.img and click OK.

18. In the 'Advanced' section of the 'New Compilation' window, make sure that the option 'Enable expert settings (for advanced users only!)' is checked and choose 'No Emulation as Kind of Emulation'. See picture below.


19. Make sure that 07C0 is entered in the field 'Load segment of sectors (hex!)' as on the picture above.

20. Change the 'Number of loaded sectors' value from 1 to 4.

21. Click the 'New' button to close the New Compilation window.

22. Using the 'File Browser' tab on the right side navigate to C:\XPSP3. Then, drag the entire contents of this folder over to the left side of the window.

23. Remove your Windows XP Installation CD from the CD/DVD drive, insert empty writeable disk into the drive and then click the 'Burn' button in the Burning ROM toolbar. The 'Burn Compilation' window will appear as shown in picture below.

24. Check the option titled 'Finalize disc (No further writing possible!) ' and then click the button 'Burn'.

As a result of all actions described above you will get Windows XP Installation CD with Service Pack 3 integrated which can be used for clean installation of Windows and to repair Windows.

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