RAS VDI Agent Installation Options

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If you are installing a dedicated RAS VDI Agent, you first need to determine where it will be installed. Depending on the hypervisor type, the following options are available:

Important: All of the RAS VDI components must be installed in the same subnet. This includes the hypervisor software, the RAS VDI Agent, guest VMs, and the RAS Publishing Agent.

The following table lists RAS VDI Agent installation options for each supported hypervisor type:

HyperVisor Type

Built-in Agent 

(part of PA)

Agent on 

a VDI Host

Agent on 

Window Server

Agent in 


Microsoft Hyper-V Yes Yes Yes No
Microsoft Hyper-V Failover Cluster Yes No Yes No
Vmware VCenter Yes No Yes Yes
Vmware Esxi Yes No Yes Yes
Citrix XenServer Yes No Yes Yes
QEmu KVM with libvirt No No No Yes

Scale Computing HC3

(supported from v16.5.3 upwards)

Yes No Yes No
Nutanix Acropolis Yes No Yes Yes

Remote PC 

Yes No Yes No

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