Getting started with Parallels Toolbox Business Edition for Mac

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Parallels Toolbox is a collection of convenient, easy-to-use, lightweight applications, or tools, to help you focus, get things done, and stay secure. It provides quick access to many common functions that are either hidden, require hard-to-remember keyboard shortcuts, or are just not available.

Visit KB 124364 to see the list of available tools.


Click this link to download the file to your computer. Then follow the deployment instructions.


You can activate Parallels Toolbox for Business during the deployment process.

If you would like to activate the product manually, click I Have a Key and enter a license for Parallels Desktop Business Edition of Parallels Toolbox for Mac Business Edition.

Using Parallels Toolbox

To learn more about any tool, move the pointer over the tool, click the right mouse button and select About.

To enable a tool, simply click on its icon. The enabled tools are marked with a white circle.

You can add any tool to Favorites for easier access by clicking with right mouse button and choosing Add to Favorites.

For more details on Parallels Toolbox deployment and configuration refer to the Administrator's Guide.

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