Deploying Parallels Toolbox Business Edition on Mac computers

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Supported Deployment Tools

You can deploy Parallels Toolbox Business Edition on Mac computers using one of the following package deployment tools:

For instructions on how to deploy software using these tools, please refer to their respective documentation.

Preparing the Parallels Toolbox Deployment Package

To download the Parallels Toolbox deployment package:

  1. Click this link to download the file to your computer.
  2. By default, Safari automatically extracts files from a ZIP archive after downloading it to a Mac. If your web browser is configured otherwise, unzip the archive. The archive contains a folder which contains the the deployment package, and the Administrator's Guide.

Configuring deployment options

Right-click the Parallels Toolbox Autodeploy.pkg package and choose Show Package Contents. You will see the License Key and Configuration folder that contains the deploy.cfg file. Open the file in a text editor (e.g. TextEdit) to define configuration parameters for automatic deployment of Parallels Toolbox.

Specify your Parallels Toolbox Business Edition license key, so Parallels Toolbox can be automatically activated on target Mac computers. To do so, find the License section (almost at the top) and specify your license key as a value of the license_key parameter. The key must be specified in the following format: "XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX" (including quotes and dashes). When done, save the file.

Note: Parallels Toolbox activation requires Internet access. You need to make sure that port 443 is opened on target Mac computers, so they can communicate with Parallels License Server.

The Software Updates section is used to configure Parallels Toolbox automatic updates. If the parameter is commented out (not specified), automatic updates will be enabled (same as the off option).

The List of Enabled Tools section is used to specify individual tools that should be available to Mac users. The list should contain tool names separated by commas with no spaces. To make all tools available, leave the parameter commented out.

Deploying Parallels Toolbox

Once the deployment package is configured, you can deploy it to Mac computers using a remote Mac management tool of your choice.

When the package is deployed and executed on a Mac computer, it will install Parallels Toolbox, activate it using the specified license key, and configure it according to the specified deployment configuration options. Once that's done, your users can begin using Parallels Toolbox.

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