Lifecycle announcement for Parallels Remote Application Server

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Parallels has the following product lifecycle strategy for Parallels Remote Application Server:

Major releases for Parallels Remote Application Server are issued yearly, from a maintenance and support perspective there are two types of versions:

  1. Long Term Supported (LTS) versions
  2. Non - LTS versions

Long Term Supported (LTS) versions:

To ensure an improved maintenance and support for our customers Parallels will release a Long Term Support (LTS) version periodically. This will mean a longer supported period for LTS versions. 

Each LTS version will be supported for a total duration of 36 months (3 years), made up of 30 months of maintenance followed by an additional 6 months of support. LTS versions will be released in every other major release. 

Example: 16.5 is an LTS version, v17 is non-LTS version, v18 is an LTS version, v19 is non-LTS version, etc… 

Non - LTS version

Non - LTS versions will be supported for a total duration of 24 months (2 years), made up of 18 months of maintenance followed by an additional 6 months of support. 

The below table defines the End of Maintenance (EOM) and End of Support (EOS) for the current supported versions:

Product  Version  Release Date  EOM  EOS
Remote Application Server 15  03 Feb 16  30 Sept 17    28 Feb 18
Remote Application Server 15.5  02 Nov 16  30 May 18  30 Nov 19
Remote Application Server 16

10 Jul 17

10 Feb 20

10 Jul 20

Remote Application Server 16.5 (LTS) 11 Jun 18

11 May 21

11 Oct 21

Remote Application Server 17 18 Jun 19

30 Mar 21

17 Sep 21

Remote Application Server 18 (LTS) 16 Dec 2020  16 Jun 2023  16 Dec 2023
Remote Application Server 19 28 July 2022 28 Feb 2024 28 July 2024

Note: Any previous versions not listed in above table have now reached EOM and EOS


End of Maintenance: Last date of Development Iterations for the product version.

End of Support: Last date the official technical support services will be provided for the product version.

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