How to reinstall Parallels Tools in Windows Guest OS

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To reinstall Parallels Tools with Parallels Desktop:

  1. Click Actions button at the top Mac menu. If your Windows is running in Full-screen mode and there's no Mac menu, put the cursor at the very screen top and leave it there for a while, or press Option+Ctrl.

  2. Select Reinstall Parallels Tools. If nothing happens open Windows Explorer and double-click Parallels Tools virtual DVD-drive to start reinstalling.

To reinstall Parallels Tools from inside of Windows:

  1. Launch Windows virtual machine.

  2. Disable antivirus software in Windows.

  3. Click Start > Settings > Apps > Apps and Features (or right-click on Start button > Control Panel > Programs and Features) and remove Parallels Tools if present.


  4. Proceed with reinstallation.
  5. Restart Windows.

  6. In Mac menu bar, click on Actions (Virtual Machine in older versions) > Install Parallels Tools.

  7. Restart Windows again.

  8. Enable your antivirus.


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