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How to remove Parallels Desktop 3 Completely?

  • Parallels Desktop 3 for Mac Standard Edition

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Distribution of Parallels Desktop for Mac includes an Uninstaller application and the removal of the product is really easy. Note that the application does not delete Parallels virtual machines from your Macintosh HD, nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of the virtual machine and backup of your Mac before proceeding.

After the backup is created .

1. To find the Uninstaller application:

a) if you have Parallels Desktop for Mac installation, insert it into the CD/DVD of your Mac. The window with "Uninstall Parallels Desktop" option will appear.

b) if Parallels Desktop was previously downloaded from the Parallels website as a .dmg package, double click this package. The same window with "Uninstall Parallels Desktop" option will pop up.

2. Run the Uninstaller application and follow the prompts on the screen.

3. After that, please open Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal and copy/paste the following commands one-by-one there (hit Return after each of them).

IMPORTANT! Check that you insert commands accurately, otherwise Mac OS might be corrupted:

cd /Library/StartupItems/
sudo rm -rf Parallels
cd /Applications
sudo rm -rf Parallels
cd /System/Library/Extensions/
sudo rm -rf vmmain.kext
sudo rm -rf hypervisor.kext
sudo rm -rf Pvsvnic.kext
sudo rm -rf ConnectUSB.kext
sudo rm -rf Pvsnet.kext

After pasting the second command and hitting Return you will be asked about your Mac password. Please, enter it (note, you won't see it when typing).

It is normal, if commands will result in "No such file or dir" output - it means that the uninstaller has already removed the files listed.

4. Restart your Mac computer.

5. Eject Parallels Desktop installation CD if you ran the uninstall process from the CD.

NOTE: all your virtual machines will stay in place unaffected. The default location is ~/Documents/Parallels/***.pvm

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