Parallels Desktop for Business per-user licensing

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Starting with Parallels Desktop 18, we’re introducing a new type of Parallels Desktop for Business per-user license. It differs from the standard per-device license and would benefit larger organizations that utilize a corporate identity provider (such as Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, Ping Identity) and use it to automate license management. Please note that the option is currently available for organizations with Parallels Desktop Business Edition licenses for 50 seats and more. If you want to give it a try, click Get a quote or Talk to an expert at our website.

Key Features

Single Sign-On (SSO). No need for additional accounts or license keys. An end user simply needs to sign in with their corporate account, and a license will be automatically assigned.

Automatic license revocation. No need to manually disable unused licenses. If a user is inactive and doesn’t log in for a month, the license seat is automatically revoked from this user and can be used by the other user. The same happens when a user leaves the organization.



The set-up process for a per-user license is quite straightforward:

  1. Make sure you have created a Parallels personal account as described in KB 124225.
  2. Purchase or get a trial per-user license from one of our channel partners or our Sales Team.
  3. Register the license key under your Parallels account as described in KB 123509.
    You will be immediately prompted to create a Parallels Desktop for Business account, unless one is already associated with your personal account.
  4. Follow the steps outlined in the documentation at to configure the license and enable SSO for the end-users in your organization.


If a user in my organization utilizing per-user Parallels Desktop for Business licenses has Parallels Desktop installed on 3 Mac computers, does it count as 1 or 3 seats?

Since it is a single user, this is counted as 1 seat.

Is it possible to simultaneously utilize per-user and per-device Parallels Desktop for Business licenses?

Yes. If you activate a per-user license, your existing per-device Parallels Desktop for Business licenses will keep working as usual.

Is it possible to migrate from a per-device to a per-user license?

Yes. For that, please contact our channel partner or sales representative to assist you with the migration.

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