Download logs from a Parallels Secure Workspace appliance

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Log files can be very useful for the support team to investigate the cause of an issue.

It's possible to export log files from the System Settings.

At the top right, navigate to Global > Troubleshoot.
Select the download-logs action and pick the appropriate period (mind: these dates are in UTC, which is likely not your own time zone!).
Click [Execute] to generate the logs.

  • Leave Json output set to disabled unless told otherwise.
  • Provide the support team the .ZIP package you've originally downloaded, with the original name. Please don't rename or extract.

Note: If you have a cluster, you will see an overview of the nodes. You can select all the nodes to create one log package containing logs of all the nodes.


A message will be shown that the logs are being exported. This may take some time.


Click the download link. Then, download the logs (a ZIP file).



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