Getting the required Active Directory domain information to configure Awingu domain

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When setting up Awingu, the first thing you should do is configure your Awingu domain.

You can use the following PowerShell command to get all the necessary information from the Microsoft Windows Domain Controller:

Get-ADDomain | Select NetbiosName, DNSRoot, InfrastructureMaster, Distinguishedname | Format-List


Running this on a configured Domain Controller will generate the following output which you can use to fill in the required details in the Awingu System Settings > Global > Domains: click [Add].

The details obtained from the domain controller should be mapped to these Awingu settings:

Domain Controller Awingu System Settings
NetbiosName NetBIOS Name
InfrastructureMaster DC/LDAP Server
Distinguishedname Base DN


You can also use the following PowerShell command to see a full output of your domain configuration:



When using the FQDN (the output of 'InfrastructureMaster') of the domain controller as DC/LDAP Server in Awingu, make sure that the appliance can resolve the DNS record of the FQDN. To make this possible, use internal DNS servers which can resolve each FQDN that will be entered into Awingu under System Settings > Connectivity > DNS IP addresses. Else, use the IP address of the DC/LDAP Server.


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