Install Microsoft Store to Windows 11 on ARM

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Some installations of Windows 11 on Mac computers with Apple M1 chip might have Microsoft Windows Store missing from the operating system. 

In such a case, when opening a Windows Store link, you may see You'll need a new app to open this ms-windows-store error message.

Install Microsoft Store in Parallels Desktop 17.1.1 and newer

The issue has been addressed in Parallels Desktop 17.1.1.

Note: the Microsoft Store fix is embedded into the automatic installation of Parallels Tools that is triggered only once. So, we highly recommend you follow the steps below to install the update correctly:

1. Click the Parallels icon on the top Mac menu bar (||) > Check for updates.

2. Follow on-screen instructions to install the update.

3. Start your virtual machine and wait once the automatic reinstallation of Parallels Tools is completed. Once done, it will offer you to restart your virtual machine (VM). Please restart it.

If the issue with Microsoft Store still remains, we recommend you to follow the steps below to install Microsoft Store manually or download a new Windows 11 virtual machine by clicking 'Get Windows 11 from Microsoft' in the Installation Assistant window (open Parallels Desktop > click File in the top Mac menu > New > Continue > Get Windows 11 from Microsoft).

Install Microsoft Store manually

  1. Run the virtual machine, and from it, download and open the file. Open the .reg file inside Windows.
  2. When prompted to add information to the registry, click Yes.
  3. Run the virtual machine and open PowerShell.
  4. Execute the following command:
    wsreset.exe -i 
  5. Once the installation is over, the Store should be available through search.

Since the first launch will be accompanied by an update, it may take a couple of minutes.

Fix Microsoft Store closing on start

If you already have Microsoft Store installed in Windows 11 on a Mac with Apple M1 Chip, but it immediately closes after being opened, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the virtual machine and open PowerShell.
  2. Execute the following command:
    Get-AppxPackage -Name "Microsoft.WindowsStore" -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage
  3. Restart Windows and perform the steps at the beginning of this article.
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