Parallels Remote Application Server v18 Known Issues

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Before upgrading Parallels Remote Application Server to v18.1 please make sure the known issues below are not critical for your environment. 

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Known Issues

Build number Affected component Description Resolution/Workaround
v18.1.22733 RAS Gateway RDP-UDP Data tunneling may not work in some environments running RAS v18.1. Fixed in build 18.2.0 (22866)
18.1.22707 HTML5 Gateway In rare cases, while connecting to HTML5 Gateway, end-users may notice the error: 404 Not found. RAS SecureClientGateway failed to connect to HTML5 component. Fixed in build (22715)
Parallels Client When a post-logon message is configured, v18.1 clients are not able to connect Fixed in build (22712)
Device redirection
After the upgrade, some of the files including 2xDevRedir.exe might be missing from the installation directory on an RDSH. This could result to inability to redirect printers and other devices Fixed in build (22715)
VDI Guest VMs are failing to create on the environments with multiple Domain Controllers  Fixed in build (22724)
A connection to a Guest VM can be made even when Guest Agent is in the Needs Update state. Currently, RAS Farm supports RAS Agents running the same version. Please ensure that once upgraded, all RAS Agents are running the same version.
Users may not be added to the Remote Desktop Users group of the corresponding cloned Guest VM. Fixed in build (22724)
Full cloned Guest VMs might not be shown in the Desktops tab in the RAS Console when using Nutanix as a VDI provider. These issues might be experienced in the concurrent creation of full clones Guest VMs on Nutanix AHV. Parallels actively working on providing a fix.
Persistent Guest VMs do not automatically start on power requests from users. Fixed in build (22715)
Parallels Client for macOS Standalone client package, out of Apple App Store, cannot be installed on macOS 10.11. Parallels recommend using Parallels Client for macOS available from the Apple App Store. If running on Apple macOS 10.11 and .pkg is required, please contact Parallels Support for a custom build.
Parallels Client for Android Published apps cannot be opened from a SAML-authenticated HTML5 Client if RAS Secure Client Gateway has a self-signed SSL certificate installed. Parallels Engineering is actively working on providing a fix. Workaround – Use Web authentication directly from Parallels Client for Android or ensure that no self-signed certificates are installed in the Parallels RAS Farm in case using HTML5 Client portal to launch sessions using the parallels Client for Android. Alternatively set “Gateway Authentication” to “Do not warn” in the Parallels Client settings.


Should you have any questions, please get in touch with Parallels Support: 


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