How to install applications in virtual machines if they fail to install from shared folders

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I cannot install an application from a shared folder (for shared folders on Chromebook please refer to this article).


Some applications require installation from local folder of Windows.

Windows sees shared folders as network ones, as a result applications with this requirement fail to install.

To check if you have Shared folders enabled, please check the options according to screenshots below.

For Mac:

Open virtual machine configuration > Options > Sharing. If option Share Mac user folders with Windows is checked, Shared folders are enabled. You can manage them by clicking Configure... and selecting the folders you'd like to share (Desktop/Documents, etc).

Shared fodlers on Mac

For Chromebook:

Click the Shared Folders icon in the top right corner of the Windows window and select Manage shared folders.

Shared fodlers on Chromebook


Copy the installation file to This PC > Local Disk (C:) in Windows and run the installation.

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