Troubleshooting Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS Enterprise and Education Edition and Windows image installations issues

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This article lists possible troubleshooting steps for Parallels Desktop installation or startup issues and errors description when a Windows image is downloaded on a Chromebook.

Troubleshooting Parallels Desktop startup and installation

If you performed all configuration steps, but the Parallels Desktop icon doesn't appear on a Chromebook or Parallels Desktop doesn't start as intended, you can look at the Chrome policies to identify a possible issue.
To see Chrome policies, open Chrome browser and enter the address: chrome://policy . On the Policies page, look for the policies as shown on the screenshot below. If any of the policies are missing or their values are not as shown, something went wrong and you will need to correct it.

The policies on the screenshot above are:

If the last three policies are absent in the list, this means that your user does not belong to the corresponding organizational unit where Parallels Desktop has been enabled.

When you correct an issue in the Google Admin console, refresh the Policies page on a Chromebook to see if the issue was resolved.

Policy VmManagementCliAllowed is also required for running vmc command in crosh (the "value" field should be set to "true"). If this policy is not set, command line access is restricted for user. As a result you will see the following error when executing vmc command: This command is not available
For more information on this policy please refer to Google Help page

Troubleshooting Error Codes when downloading a Windows Image

When you specify Parallels Desktop Windows image properties, make sure that all information is entered correctly. If configured incorrectly, an error code will be shown to a user when they try to download and run the Parallels Desktop Windows image on their Chromebooks. The error codes are described below.

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