How to decommission RD Session Hosts from RAS Farm

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To decommission RD Session Hosts from an existing RAS Farm please do the following:

  1. Go to RAS ConsoleFarm RD Session Hosts;
  2. Select the servers that should be decommissioned, right-click on them and click Delete:

  3. If you receive error message like Cannot delete 'SERVERNAME' because it is in use by: Published item: #ID.NAME,
    please delete the mentioned published items or change their properties to use some other RDS Hosts:

    To do do, please proceed to RAS ConsolePublishing Published Resources and edit the affected published items:

  4. Once there are no more items published from the RD Session Hosts, repeat Step 2.

The servers will be removed from the farm, RAS RDSH Agent will keep running on them but will not connect to any Publishing Agent. You will be able to add the server to another farm if needed without reinstalling RAS RDSH Agent.

If you want to uninstall RAS completely on the server, please follow this KB article:

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