How to configure Gateway Redirection Policy

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It's required to change Parallels Client > Primary Connection for users connecting to all or specific gateway(s).

Policy requirements and description

Redirection policy must be enabled ONLY with Policy Criteria due to the known issue

It's designed specifically for changing Primary Connection properties in order to change the primary connection point for users from one Gateway to another.

For the scenario of switching from one particular Gateway (GW1) to another (GW2), There must be 2 policies created: one with Gateway Redirection for e.g. GW1 and one without it for GW2. Policy Criteria defines which policy should work at which Gateway.

Gateway Redirection will change the existing Primary Connection from GW1 to GW2 for users who are connecting to GW1.

Once changed to GW2, it will immediately try to connect and get a published resources list. At this point, the second policy with criteria to work for users connected to GW2 should apply to ensure that users will still get policies for their Client, and the Gateway Redirection policy will not be there.


- Create Policy for GW1 add required Users or Groups and enable Criteria:

- Configure Criteria for GW1 policy:

- Configure Gateway Redirection:

- Configure another Policy for GW2:

- Configure Criteria for GW2 Policy:

- Make sure that for GW2 Policy, Gateway Redirection is disabled:

Scenarios that should be avoided

Client connects to GW1 Policy applies and redirects to GW1 This will cause policy apply loop.

Client connects to GW1 GW1 Policy applies and redirects connection to GW2 Client connects to GW2 GW2 Policy applies and redirects to GW1 this will result in loop.

In both cases, loop will re-apply policies 10 times and then Parallels Client will produce error.

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