Apple software updates status isn't reported to SCCM or updates aren't deployed to Macs

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Apple Software Updates aren't displayed as "Required" in SCCM Console even if there are Macs requiring them or not deployed to Macs. SuCatalogMode is default or set to 0 or 1 explicitly.

pma_agent.log has the following records:
11-19 11:53:16.972 W /PolicyTools:10795:307/ Download operation for '' finished with 99 (Connection timed out)
11-19 11:53:16.972 W /PolicyTools:10795:307/ Download for '/var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n0000000000000/T' finished with 99
11-19 11:53:16.972 W /UpdatesDeployer:10795:307/ Exception: Dynamic exception type: std::runtime_errorstd::exception::what: Download status 99
11-19 11:53:16.972 W /UpdatesDeployer:10795:307/ Exception: Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<std::runtime_error>std::exception::what: Cannot download catalog


Macs fail to reach Software Update Point over the specified port.


By default, Parallels Software Update port changes dynamically and connections to it may be prohibited by your firewall.
Please specify a static port number as described on page 187 of the Admin guide and configure your firewall accordingly.


To force reporting status of updates to SCCM please do the following:

1. Execute the following command on Mac:

/Library/Parallels/ scan-updates

or change updates scan schedule (in Administration -> Overview -> Client Settings -> Default Client Settings -> Software Updates change Software updates scan schedule) and force Mac client to download policy

2. Run summarization (right click on All Software Updates) to force updating of update statuses in SCCM.

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