Understanding Parallels RAS Multi-Tenant Architecture

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Note: Parallels RAS multi-tenant architecture is available only starting from Parallels RAS v17.1. Older versions are incompatible.

Advantages of RAS multi-tenant architecture

Terminology and architecture description

Typical Parallels RAS multi-tenant architecture diagram:

Note: Port TCP 20003 is required for only outgoing connections from Tenant Publishing Agents to Management Publishing Agents on Tenant Broker in order to synchronize settings.

Feature description

Known limitations

Parallels RAS Connection Diagram

Components on this diagram:

RAS Client — a platform-specific Parallels Client (e.g. Parallels Client for Windows) or HTML5 client
Load BalancerParallels HALB appliance or third-party load balancer
Shared gatewayRAS Secure Client Gateway running in the Tenant Broker Farm
Private PARAS Publishing Agent running in the Tenant Farm
RDS host — a server hosting published resources (e.g. RD Session Host, Virtual Desktop, or Remote PC)

















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