Installing Parallels Client on HP Thin Pro OS

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This article describes how to install Parallels Client on a machine that works under HP Thin Pro OS


Download and Installation process


1. Download the Parallels Client for Linux (64-bit) Debian package from the website:

2. Switch to Administrator mode from the system menu (bottom left icon)

3. Go to Start menu > Tools > X Terminal

4. Unlock the file system for read/write access:

# fsunlock

5. Enable installation of packages.

6. Update the list of packages:

# apt-get update

7. Change to the download directory:

# cd /home/user/Downloads

8. Install RAS Client:

# dpkg -i RASClient.deb

9. Install missing dependencies:

# apt-get install -f

10. Revert the file system to read-only access:

# fslock

11. Close the terminal window and revert back to User mode from the system menu.

Create a shortcut for the RAS Client

1. Right-click on the Desktop and select Create > Other > Custom.

2. A new icon called "Custom" will be created on the Desktop, right click on it and select "Edit".

3. Set the following:

4. Now you can open Parallels Client from Start menu:

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