Parallels USBBoot requirements

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Parallels Mac Management for SCCM V7.0 added an option to boot a Mac into Task Sequence Wizard without use of NetBoot image.

However, imaging Macs with Bootable USB Drive (USBBoot) still requires the following:

1. Parallels NetBoot component should be installed on a Distribution Point.

2. Windows Deployment Services (WDS) should be installed on the Distribution Point.

3. If a Mac and NetBoot server are located in different subnets, DHCP Relay Agent (IP Helpers) should be configured. This is required since PMM USBBoot is looking for a NetRestore (System) image sending broadcast packets over UDP port 67. IP Helpers are required for these broadcast packets to reach PMM NetBoot server where NetRestore (System) images are stored.

4. PXE support is required only for PMM NetBoot installation and configuration. Once PMM NetBoot component is configured PXE support could be disabled on the Distribution point.

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