Adding QEmu KVM VDI Provider in Remote Application Server

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Adding QEmu KVM VDI Provider in Remote Application Server

  1. Deploy VDI Appliance in the same subnet virtual guests will be located in.
  2. In Remote Application Server COnsole navigate to Farm > VDI Hosts and click on + button to add new VDI host.
  3. Specify:

    • VDI Type - QEmu KVM with libvirt
    • VDI Host - KVM host IP address
    • VDI Agent - RAS VDI Appliance IP address

    Click on Next button.

  4. Now deploy VDI agent on appliance clicking on Install/Initialize button:

  5. Specify RAS Appliance in OS field and hit on Install button:

    Type root password when requested (this password was specified on first boot of RAS VDI Appliance).

  6. Once VDI agent is installed click on Add button:

    If you see a warning that KVM with libvirt was not found, ignore it and click on Yes button:

  7. In the opened Host Properties dialog switch to Credentials tab and type in KVM administrator credentials and click on Check Credentials button:

    NOTE: that it can be required to configure SELinux to allow incoming SSH connection or disable it.

  8. Click OK button to close Host Properties dialog and click on Apply button in the bottom-right corner of the RAS Console.

  9. Right-click added VDI Hist > Check Agent and make sure that Agent Verified

  10. Make sure that VDI Agent State is Agent OK:

  11. Create a template virtual machine.
  12. Configure Windows template.
  13. Deploy template.

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