Adding Nutanix Acropolis VDI Provider in Remote Application Server

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Adding Nutanix Acropolis VDI Provider in Remote Application Server


Now deploy VDI agent on appliance clicking on Install/Initialize button:


  1. Deploy VDI Appliance in the same subnet virtual guests will be located in.
  2. In Remote Application Server Console navigate to Farm > VDI Hosts and click on + button to add new VDI host.
    • VDI Type - Nutanix Acropolis
    • VDI Host - Nutanix CVM IP address
    • VDI Agent - RAS VDI Appliance IP address

    Click on Next button.

    • Specify RAS Appliance in OS field and hit on Install button:

    • Type root password when requested (this password was specified on first boot of RAS VDI Appliance).

    • Once VDI agent is installed click on Add button:

      If you see a warning that Nutanix Acropolis was not found, ignore it and click on Yes button:

    • In the opened Host Properties dialog switch to Credentials tab and type in Nutanix administrator credentials (default administrator user is admin) and click on Check Credentials button:

    NOTE: administrator credentials should be used. nutanix / nutanix/4u credentials will not work.

    • Click OK button to close Host Properties dialog and click on Apply button in the bottom-right corner of the RAS Console.

  3. Right-click added VDI Hist > Check Agent and make sure that Agent Verified

  4. Make sure that VDI Agent State is Agent OK:

    1. Create a template virtual machine.
    2. Configure Windows template.
    3. Deploy template.

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