WSUS Publisher fails to publish updates with the error 2147942403

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In %windir%\Logs\pmm\wsus-publisher.log following error is observed

2017-06-06 20:37:40.4563|ERROR|1|Parallels.Pma.WsusPublisher.Actions.UpdatePublisher|Unable to publish product '031-12231'
System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to sign package; error was: 2147942403


2147942403 is 0x80070003 which means the system can't find the specified path.


  1. Open Windows Registry on WSUS server and navigate to the following key

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup
  2. Note the value of ContentDir value:

  3. Run CMD as an Administrator on the WSUS server and do the following:

    • execute net share to view all the network shares.

    you should see the WsusContent and UpdateServicesPackages pointing to the incorrect or old network shares (correct shares should point to the subfolders of the directory from Step 2). Below is the example of the correct output:

  4. To delete incorrect share execute

    net share WsusContent /delete
    net share UpdateServicesPackages /delete
  5. To add correct share execute

    net share WsusContent=<path-to-WsusContent>
    net share UpdateServicesPackages=<path-to-UpdateServicesPackages>


    net share WsusContent=C:\Sources\Updates\WsusContent
    net share UpdateServicesPackages=C:\Sources\Updates\UpdateServicesPackages

    Note you should give WSUS Administrators group Full Access NTFS and Full Access Share permissions

    Note "UpdateServicesPackages" should not be located in "WsusContent" directory and vice versa. The best practice is to keep them in the same directory which is specified in the Windows Registry (refer to Step 2).

  6. Restart Parallels Software Update Point Service

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