Virtual guests and VDI agent located in different subnets

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The Guest Agent discovers the VDI Agent by sending broadcast packets over UDP port 30006 to all devices in it's subnet.

The discovery packet won't be received If the agents are on different broadcast domains.

In this case we support specifying the VDI Agent's IP through the registry.

On the guest machine, add a new String value called 2XVDIAgent at:


The value data should be specified as follows:

Note: You can include names or IP addresses of multiple Publishing Agents for the manual agent selection scenario as well (the second bullet in the list above). This way you will not need to change the value every time you switch the preferred Publishing Agent for a VDI provider.

Note: If you add the registry key to the machine used as template, its clones will inherit the key.

Once done, please restart RAS Guest Agent service on the machine to apply the changes.



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