Configuring detection rules for Applications

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When creating .cmmac packages of complex applications like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office CMAppUtill may fail to recognize correct detection rules which will lead to Parallels Application Portal misbehavior. This article describes the procedure of setting correct Detections Rules for deployed applications manually.


  1. Install application in question on the Mac.
  2. Open Terminal and execute the following command:

    plutil -p <Info.plist> | grep -e CFBundleIdentifier -e CFBundleShortVersionString

    where <Info.plist> is the path to the application Info.plist located in the /Applications/<>/Contents, e.g.:

    plutil -p /Applications/Parallels\ | grep -e CFBundleIdentifier -e CFBundleShortVersionString

    The output will show Application version and Application Bundle ID, e.g.:

    "CFBundleShortVersionString" => "12.1.1"
    "CFBundleIdentifier" => "com.parallels.desktop.console"
  3. If Application is already deployed to the collection(s), delete deployment(s).
  4. Delete all detection rules for this application and create only one with Type - Application Bundle specifying:

    • <CFBundleIdentifier> in Application Bundle ID field
    • Version in Data Type field.
    • Greater than or equal to in Operator field.
    • <CFBundleShortVersionString> in Value field.

  5. Deploy application.

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