Mac client does not receive policies from Parallels Proxy and cannot be registered

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In C:\Windows\Logs\pma_isv_proxy_service.log

10-04 12:36:38.093 I /pma_isv_proxy_service:22300:1628/ Got client registration request from '', version = '', hardware id = '8F6565D8-A646-5ED1-BB9C-86BC1A2B18B8', os = 'Apple Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F1912)', is client certificate = 0
10-04 12:36:38.212 D /pma_isv_proxy_service:22300:1628/ No existing SMS resources match (, 8F6565D8-A646-5ED1-BB9C-86BC1A2B18B8)
10-04 12:36:41.119 D /pma_isv_proxy_service:22300:38cc/ Got request 'CheckClientStatus' from client df47b1a2-b1dd-2f4b-ba34-8c5c97a39280 @ hostname
10-04 12:36:41.146 D /pma_isv_proxy_service:22300:38cc/ Updated client information from RPC request with DDR by '' (hostname)
10-04 12:36:41.275 D /pma_isv_proxy_service:22300:38cc/ Could not find resource with SMSID = 'df47b1a2-b1dd-2f4b-ba34-8c5c97a39280'
10-04 12:36:41.284 W /CmProxyCerts:22300:38cc/ PFX blob is invalid

10-04 12:36:41.284 I /CmProxyCerts:22300:38cc/ No client certificate found for 'df47b1a2-b1dd-2f4b-ba34-8c5c97a39280'
10-04 12:36:41.323 D /Certs:22300:38cc/ Template name = ''
>    10-04 12:36:45.056 W /Certs:22300:38cc/ CryptError: 0x80090014 (Invalid provider type specified.)
10-04 12:36:45.325 D /CertStore:22300:38cc/ Stored PKI certificate '4fcd23e0d13a02694c0b982440b8af5b2bb50972' for 'df47b1a2-b1dd-2f4b-ba34-8c5c97a39280'


Parallels Proxy fails to register Mac because of Certificates templates misconfiguration


  1. Delete existing Certificates templates on CA server.
  2. Follow this (if CA is running on Windows server 2012) or this (if CA is running on Windows server 2008) article to re-create templates.
  3. Re-configure Parallels Proxy.

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